We are a team of innovative technologists and creative design consultants with multi-cultural backgrounds and experiences, who strive to source the best talents from around the world to provide innovative software and design consulting, full stack mobile app development and network support services to make your product a leader in your market.

Mobile App Development

Whether you are a start-up needing to create an online or mobile engagement with your product or service, or an established business or enterprise looking to cost-efficiently change or deploy a line of business, we are ready to assist you at every stage of the software development life cycle — from conceptualization and consulting to development and support.

Web App Development

Our software engineers have a wealth of experience in building progressive web applications. We are also experts in many verticals and business domains, including communication, collaboration, education, e-Commerce, FinTech, Media, Film/TV and more.

Business App Development

We offer an extensive range of business network solutions, App designs, web services and productivity tools to suit local and international business needs with state-of-the-art productivity tools, unified communication systems solutions for team collaboration and meetings, product and customer management, CMS, geo-location tracking for deliveries and POS, merchant account payment gateways, digital wallets.

Blockchain & Distributed Network Solutions

Blockchain, distributed networks, decentralized Apps (dApps), smart contracts, digital wallets, are now central to our portfolio of services we provide our customers. We have built on EOS.io, IBM's Hyperledger Fabric, and continuously research newest blockchain technologies to better serve our customer's needs.

Decentralized Apps (dApps)

We build traditional centralized Apps (server-centric networks and Apps and digital wallets ) as well as decentralized Apps (dApps) on blockchain-based platforms. We can also do hybrid Apps when you need your service to be both a centralized Application with a standard network, digital wallet and need to connect to a more secure blockchain system for smart contracts, transactions & exchanges, and digital wallets for payment in tokens or cryptocurrency.

Unified Communications & Real Time Collaboration

We offer the most advanced solutions for unified communication systems and real time collaborative engagement in a mobile App. Privacy & Security are critical in building out your network connectivity, so we offer mBaaS solutions that will enable you to either directly connect your mobile App to your closed server database, or leverage commercial mBaaS' such as Google's Firebase/FireStore, Realm.io, IBM's Bluemix,

B2C and B2B Payment Gateways

API connections (Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Alipay, etc.), bank and credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), merchant accounts, subscription accounts, digital wallets,

Blockchain integrations

including smart contracts and token or cryptocurrency, EOS wallets.

Our Projects

Get started fast with a quality solution that fits your business, We built with High-Quality Design from real user experience insight.


We have built 2 full stack educational network Apps and are able to provide the domain experience and knowledge we have gained to assist you in your educational project.

Business & Services

For small-to-medium businesses, professional service providers, e-Commerce businesses, product wholesellers/resellers, we provide Apps for your projects with the necessary communication, tracking, productivity and management tools you need.


Many parts of the Health sector require automation, mobility, delivery, and management from a mobile device. Our customized Apps will save you time, resources and optimize your bottom-line.  Whether you need a patient accompaniment system, a B2B pharmaceutical delivery platform, or a medical professional network, we can be of service.


Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Apps are now a must-have for service providers to attain reach with their customers. Most purchases are being done through mobile devices, so having a Progressive web App or a native build mobile App on iOS and Android mobile can define the future of your business.

Retail & Wholesale

Whether you are a retail or wholesale company, you need a firm control on inventory, pricing, and discounts. You also need to know which products are selling well and which promotions are working where. Finally you must be able to track inventory, possibly geo-locate shipment or delivery, and automate payment directly on a website or an App, where many purchase transactions occur. We can help you build to your needs.

Shipments/Delivery & Online Tracking

Using smartphone technology your sales agents and drivers enter data at each key point: at pick-up, in transit, and at the final destination. Your customers can access information on the status of their item or see signature proof of delivery, and make in-App payments or offline payments.

  • GPS System for Geo-location
  • Real Time GPS Reporting & ETA
  • ETA Board
  • Tracking Details
  • CSR Page
  • Mobile Signature Capture